“Kiki Challenge” farm edition is all we need today

If you use social media often, you probably came across this viral dance craze called “Kiki Challenge”. The dance trend, which has taken the internet by storm, characteristically features an individual dancing alongside a moving car to Canadian rapper Drake’s hit single, In My Feelings.

Because it is the trend, many people have made their own versions of the challenge, even celebrities also posted their own videos while dancing to the In My Feelings hymn. There are funny versions and there are also others who participate in the challenge to simply show off their skills in dancing.

Despite the various version readily available on the internet, people still continue to innovate their very own versions of the “Kiki dance Challenge” and this one is probably the cutest of them all.

What we are talking about is this video uploaded by a Facebook user named, Lindsey Berry, she captioned her post by saying: #kikichallenge Farm Edition.

Well, she said farm edition because the video features farm animals. Yes, farm animals dancing along (not literally dancing though because they were only walking along with the moving car) to ‘In My Feelings’ playing from the car’s stereo.

The animals seen in the video includes chickens in different colors and a pig who runs along with them. As the video progressed, a dog even came running with the animals.

Netizens find the video really funny and a genius innovation to the viral dance craze. In fact, the video already holds 8 Million views as of this article’s writing time.

Well, see the video for yourself here share us your thoughts in the comments section.