“Ovuvuevuevue Enyetuenwuevue Ugbemugbem Osas” reveals his parent’s name

Names are used to identify persons. This may be the reason why most parents see to it that they invent or name their children with uniquely spelled or pronounced names so that they may be easily and uniquely identified by the people around them.

As it is quite appealing to have such a unique name, would it even be better if your name is rather long and quite hard to pronounce? Well, there may be pros and cons to that topic but let’s just talk about “Ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas.”

You may be wondering, “what did I just read?”

Apparently, that overly long and extremely hard to pronounce group of letters refers to a person’s name. Yes, just one person.

In a video uploaded by the Youtube Channel, Osas/congo comedy skitz, a man wearing a purple shirt was asked by the person taking the video to state his name.

When he answered that his name was Ovuvuevuevue enyetuenwuevue ugbemugbem osas, the person asking could not believe what he is hearing that he eve questioned the man if he was telling the truth. He then followed up with the question, “Who gave you that name?”

Osas quickly answered that it was his parents who invented his name. He further added that he was from a place which was called “Edo State” and the language they are speaking is a tribal language. When asked what the name of his parents were, his answer was rather hard to spell out in words that the interviewer just cut him off in the midst of it all.

When the interviewer bursts out in laughter, Osas was left clueless and just walked out.

Well, how about you? How well did you pronounce Osas’ name?

See the full video here;