This guy made charcoal out of his bare hands

Fire is an essential element in the daily lives of people as it is the medium used to cook food. While there are now many alternatives or appliances that help reduce the use of fire, there are still people who prefer to cook using fire. One quick way to produce fire is by using charcoal.

As there is an abundant supply of charcoal readily available in the market, some people have no idea at all as to how charcoal is made.

Well, this man is generous enough to share how he can make charcoal just with his bare hands!

In a video uploaded by the Youtube channel, Primitive Technology, the man was first seen collecting dry wood inside a forest. He the starts to cut the wood he collected into smaller parts. He did so by using stones or plainly cutting the wood by his hands.

Next, he put up a so called central post and stacked larger pieces of wood around it. Smaller logs are then positioned around the larger ones and so on. Dry leaves are then put on top of all the wood.

Then, the man started to dig the soil around the pieces of wood. He poured water on the soil so it would become muddy. The mud is then put over the wood formation.

He then made several air holes around the base to let combustion air in.

Afterwards, he started to light up the mound from its top by using hot coals.

When the fire reaches the bottom, the holes previously made on the base of the mound are covered. After all air entries are covered, he then left the mound to cool down.

After the mound completely cooled, he finally opened it to reveal the now ready to use charcoal.

It’s amazing to find out that charcoal can be easily made just by using our bare hands!

See the full video here;