These guys search and created groundwater well with its own filtration system

Water plays a vital part in ensuring the survival of not just humans but all of the living creatures on this planet. As we are already aware, the human body consists of 70% water which means that water intake is truly essential for one to survive.

However, although the Earth is mostly consists of water, there is still a scarcity when it comes to the supply of water suitable for drinking. Well, these guys might have found the solution to this problem!

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Blunt Kommunity, two men was first seen digging a hole on the ground.

As the video progresses, the two men was finally able to find a source of water. Because the water came fresh from the ground, it is understandable that it was unclear and brownish in color.

The two men already prepared their solution to this dilemma. Just a few spaces away from the hole they first dug, they started to pile bricks and formed two squares – one is quite big in size and the other one is lower and smaller than the other.

They tried to soften the edges of the piles of brick that they made by cementing it. They only used improvised materials to cement their very own water filter. A very small hose was attached on the bigger square to connect it to the smaller one.

After it completely dried, the two then proceeded with making their improvised pump in order to get water from the well they previously dug.

Next, they started on filling up contents of their water filter system. The contents include charcoal, small stones taken from the riverbed, sand from the riverbank and big stones. All of these are poured into the big square and will now function as an improvised water filter system.

The two men even demonstrated how their invented water filter effectively filters unclear to clear water which can now be used for drinking.

See their full video here;