These guys can build “everything” using a Bamboo

While it is encouraged by advocates of nature to always be resourceful and try to make use of things that can be found around us, these guys simply did an amazing job in doing just that. Apparently, they were able to make their very own swimming pool just by using bamboo!

In a viral video uploaded by the Youtube channel, Primitive Tool, two men can be seen working through their backyard and amazingly made their own swimming pool.

First, they started with digging a hole just large and deep enough for a person to swim and move around. They then piled up bamboos which they got from the forest.

The pieces of bamboo were cut to a uniform size then broken down into two.

They the started to mix sand with cement just by using their bare hands. The mixture was used on the edges of the pool to make sure the soil does not crumble down when water is poured inside the hole.

In order to put the pieces of bamboo together, they placed it along with the mixture of cement and sand. They made sure that the pieces of bamboo were neatly arranged together.

After the edges of the pool was covered with bamboo, they started to also put bamboo on the floor of the pool.

Outside the pool, more pieces of bamboo are arranged together which will serve as the covering of the pool in order for it to have a more appealing overall look.

Just take a look at their finished project!

Isn’t it more refreshing to indulge in a naturally made swimming pool?

See the full video here: