Scary moment when Rattlesnake tries to join a family on a boat

Going on a vacation with your beloved family members is truly a moment worth treasuring. Because this kind of gathering does not happen on a daily basis, most family members see to it that the precious memories made during their vacation is documented either through pictures or videos.

This certain family’s vacation on a beach was about to go wrong after a rattlesnake tried to join them in the boat they were in. The whole encounter with the reptile was fortunately recorded via a cellphone video.

The said video which was shared by the Facebook page, Daily Mail started off with a rattlesnake seen crawling and swimming at the same time in the middle of the ocean. Just a few moments later, the person taking the video, who happens to be a girl started screaming after she realized that the reptile is inching closer to their boat.

Then, other family members also saw the brown colored rattlesnake and one of them was really shocked and can be heard saying “Oh my Gosh it’s coming on the boat.” It was during this moment that the family started panicking because of the scare that the snake may really be with them on board.

As the video progressed, the snake was seen on the boat’s side. One of the family members instructed the rest of his relatives to calm down and stop screaming so as not to attract the attention of the snake.

After everyone calmed down and there was total silence, the snake immediately went on the opposite direction.

It was fortunate that the snake immediately backed off from its previous plan and the family can now freely sail without the scare of a rattlesnake being inside their boat.

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