Girl screams loudly and bites random passenger on a train

While traveling, we may come across strangers and each have their own reasons and destinations to get to. Most times, these people just remain as strangers to us but there are also moments where a certain someone leaves a rather difficult to erase memory that will forever remain whether as a good dream or a worst nightmare to another person.

Well, this certain incident in China might be considered as a worst nightmare for the poor innocent man who has been a victim of a girl who randomly bites just anyone on a subway.

According to a report by the Facebook Page, South China Morning Post,  a woman whose identity was left hidden for security purposes bit a random stranger while she was riding the subway.

The staff of the subway and authorities were forced to take action against the girl. The passengers on the subway were forced to vacate as the authorities tried to calm down the girl.

After further investigation on the matter, it turns out that she was having relationship issues with her husband which caused her to behave in such way.

Another video taken by a passenger showed that the girl even tried to scream incoherently before she attacked the man. The victim was left covered in blood after his encounter with the girl and he was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

After the incident, the girl fell to the floor of the subway while doing rather peculiar actions as the other passengers tried to stay away from her.

The video did not give further details as to the mental health situation of the girl. We just hope that she is given the due medical care and attention that she needs.

See the full video of the incident here: