Survival hack: Cooking eggs using Bamboo tube

In movies and shows on TV, people who are left stranded in a deserted island often become hopeless after seeing that they are the only ones who are in the area with no food to eat and shelter to stay in. However, there are also others who still try their very best in order to survive the trying time of being in a deserted island.

Well, just in case you happen to be stuck in such situation, you better remember this survival hack that will really be quite useful in order to survive eve just for a day.

In a video uploaded by the Facebook page, Viral TRND, a man demonstrates how easy it is to cook something out of bamboo tubes. In his case, he happens to cook eggs.

At the start of the video, the man first cut open a part of the bamboo tube. He did so by using a bolo knife and a stone.

Next, he tried to create fire just by the use of old branches and bamboo. After successfully creating fire, he then started to make a stand where the bamboo tube will be installed.

Then, he broke the eggs and put them inside the bamboo tube along with other ingredients that he found in the forested area.

The open part of the bamboo was then sealed by the previous part that was previously cut off.

The man still continued to make the fire bigger so that the egg will be fully cooked. A few moments passed, he then decides to open the bamboo tube.

Tadaaaa! The eggs are now fully cooked and is ready to eat.

See the full video here: