Girl invents her very own snake trap using old electric fan cover

Snakes are really hideous and scary especially for those people who have a severe fear of these reptiles. This common scare of snakes may be because of how they are often portrayed in movies as creatures who can swallow a full grown human being.

As scary as they may seem, still, there are people who find themselves fond of snakes and would be willing to do anything just to own any specie of this reptile.

In a viral video uploaded by the Facebook page, Wild Animal World, a girl was first seen in a forested area. She was trying to make something out of empty bottles an a cover of an electric fan.

Moments later, she starts to cut off the upper and lower part of the water bottle, and sees to it that the edges were forming a zigzag.

Next, she connects the other end of the water bottle to the center of the electric fan cover.

She then started to dig a hole in the middle of the grassland. The hole she dug was deep enough to even fit a quarter of her body size.

Then, she installed the electric fan cover on the upper part of the hole that she dug. She made it to a point that the cover is in the same level as that of the soil.

To make her bait complete, she even attaches a frog so that the snakes who will come across the area will be completely lured to the hole.

After leaving the area for quite some time, an unlucky snake came along. The reptile easily took the bait upon seeing that there is a prey.

The poor animal was unaware that it was in fact, just a bait.

After 8 hours, the girl came back to the location and found the snake. Indeed, her self made trap really lived up to her expectations!

See the full video here: