Horrible guy leaves girlfriend literally ‘hanging’ in the middle of a very high hanging bridge

Couple who are truly in love often see to it that they set certain ‘relationship goals’ as part of having a progressive romantic relationship. These ‘goals’ may range from just having a small meal together to traveling to unknown places and even doing extreme kinds of adventure hand in hand.

As sweet as these relationship goals may sound, there are also certain cases where one of the people involved in the relationship is plainly a person who loves pranks more than anything in the world.

This may be the case with this guy and his girlfriend during their daredevil adventure in one of the highest hanging bridges of the world.

In a short clip uploaded by the Facebook page, Shanghaiist, a couple was first seen strongly holding on to each other while standing in the middle of a hanging bridge. It even seemed that the guy was trying to comfort his girlfriend.

However, just a few moments later, the sweet scene was cut off after the guy suddenly ran as fast as he could to the end of the bridge. Leaving his frightened and equally scared girlfriend behind. The girl failed to move and could not react because the situation was just too sudden.

Meanwhile, the video did not give further details as to what happened to the couple after the incident. It also did not give details if the girl was able to overcome her fear and cross the bridge on her own. But, one thing is sure, the guy will surely have a hard time explaining himself to his girlfriend.

Do you agree?

See the full video here: