This guy made his own Python trap and it actually works amazingly!

Snakes are often considered scary by most people. Their creepy appearance and the potential venom that they possess are just a few things that gives these reptiles the impression that they are dangerous creatures. Still, there are also people who choose snakes to be their pets.

Did you know that catching a snake out in the wild is completely hard and equally dangerous as it can potentially cause the death of the hunter instead? However, this man invented his own python trap an it surprising works effectively!

In a video uploaded by the Youtube Channel, Cam Channel, one man demonstrated the whole process of making his very own snake trap!

He first started off by digging a deep hole in the middle of the forest.

Next, he made a small passageway which leads to the hole he dug.

Beforehand, he already made a small funnel-like thing made from small cuts of bamboo. This thing can be mistaken as a hole by unsuspecting snakes. He installed the funnel-like thing on the passageway.

Then, he also installed small branches of plants on the upper portion of the hole. The branches were installed diagonally as they will secure the hole so that the snake or any other animals out in the wild can be completely trapped inside.

The man then put several branches above the hole to make it blend with the forest environment and wild animals will not suspect that it was a trap.

The man then left the trap and after just a few moments, a snake was spotted near the area.

The poor animal was instantly caught by the trap!

Amazingly enough, the man went home carrying the snake with his two hands!

See the full video here: