Woman freaks out after looking at her shadow that looks creepy

We have to admit that taking photos has somehow become a necessity for people nowadays. It seems that every single moment needs to be documented and shared with the rest of the world. But, how will you react if a photo you took turns out to be the creepiest thing you will ever see in your whole life?

In the case of this netizen named Arlaine S Villosabri, she was frightened when she took a closer look at some of the photos of her taken during her visit to a relative’s house.

According to Arlaine’s post, it was her first time to visit the house of her sister’s mother-in-law. She went there to get a glimpse of her sister’s newborn baby. As she took her time taking care of the baby, Arlaine took this chance to ask her sister to take a photo of her with the baby.


Afterwards, when she took a closer look at the photos taken, she was rather frightened by the creepy sight of her photos. As one can see, Arlaine was carrying the baby and her two arms were folded to ensure that the baby is comfortable but when you try to take a look at the shadow, you can see that it shows a woman standing up with her hands on her sides.


Arlaine confessed that she did not do any editing on the photo as she does not know how to do such.

Many netizens were also intrigued and found the photo creepy too! How about you?  What do you think about these photos?