STORY: Old lady has gambling technique that has ZERO odds of losing

Once in a while, we may come across a certain person that we simply could not afford but be curious and try to get to know more about them. This is probably what happened with this bank manager in this hilarious story that has made the internet go nuts!

What we are talking about is this encounter between a bank manager and an old lady. The story, which was first posted by a Facebook user named Elitebhong Delinquent, started off with the bank teller being too curious as to why the old lady kept on depositing huge amounts of money on a daily basis. In fact, the old lady already saved up 30 million in her bank account.

To cure his curiosity, the bank manager gathered up all his courage to ask the old lady on what she does for a living. The old lady confidently answered that the money she deposits are all product of her winning in betting games with various people.

The bank manager further asked as to what kind of bet did she make with other people. The old lady answered that she is willing to bet 50,000 to reveal that the bank manager’s private part is in square shape.

The bank manager agreed to make the bet as he was confident that that is not the case. The following day, the old lady came along with a friend.

The bank manager willing opened up his zipper and showed the two his private part just to prove that it is not in square shape. The old lady then paid for the bet of 50,000.

So, the bank manager asked the old lady as to how she gains profit if she keeps on losing the bet she makes. The old lady whispered something that really surprised the bank manager!


The old lady said: “I also made a bet with the friend I was with that you will show us your private part for the price of 500,000.”

This left the bank manager flustered and the story made everyone who come across it laugh to their heart’s content.