Young balot vendor was so happy for his first-ever swimming pool experience in a hotel

This young balot vendor totally caught the attention of everybody as he was seen joyfully dipping himself beside the swimming pool of a resort. One netizen captured this special moment and immediately shared a snap of the boy happily enjoying the shallow part of the swimming pool at Aliya Surf Camp, Baler Aurora. But why this makes so special? Well, it turned out that this is his Otoy’s ‘first-ever’ swimming pool experience.

Jay R Ontong narrated Otoy’s story on Facebook. According to captions, he saw the boy dipping himself beside the swimming pool. When he was asked why he’s there, the young balot vendor replied asking if he can dip for a while because it was his ‘first-ever’ swimming pool experience. Then he allowed the boy and even if he’s just allowed beside the pool, he seems joyfully enjoying his first time. His joy can be clearly seen on his face.

“Nakita ko si Otoy sa gilid ng pool. Sabi ko, ano ginagawa mo diyan?! Sabi niya, ‘Kuya, paligo lan po ako kahit sandali lang.’” Kahit kailan hindi pa raw siya nakapag-swimming pool sa buhay niya. Kaya ayun, hindi ko pinigilan ang pagligo niya. Kahit sa baba lang ng pool sobrang saya niya kanina.”

Many were touched by the photos of the boy after this netizen narrated his whole story. The photo was also flooded with comments from netizens who were concerned for the balut vendor. Some were also offended because he was only allowed at the poolside, and not in the actual swimming pool.

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