Wedding sponsors threw wads of cash on the couple doing their “money dance”

A wedding is one of the most anticipated and unforgettable events in the life of two people who are in love with each other. Many preparations and planning are made ahead of time to make the wedding a perfect event. There are weddings which are really extravagant and there are also others who choose to make their wedding as simple as possible.

This particular viral wedding celebration is just out of this world! In a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Visitacion Villero Giva, a newlywed couple was happily doing their first dance.

In wedding traditions, this is usually the time when the principal sponsors try to pin bills of money on the clothing of the newlyweds. However, in this certain wedding, the sponsors decided to ‘throw’ their bills in the air.

Yes, you’ve read it right, the video literally shows the principal sponsors showering the couple with paper bills. The floor of the venue was filled with these paper bills that it can even be possible for one to sleep in this floor full of money.

As the video went on, the couple continued with their dance with even more sponsors stood up, made their way to the dance floor and happily showered the couple with tons of money!

The post did not declare the total of the money showered to the couple but as seen in the video, it may really be a huge amount. Well, all we can say is best wishes to the newlyweds and may their relationship prosper in the coming years!

See the full video here: