This girl’s adorable expression during “Tug of War” game earns her instant fame online

Kids are simply adorable in nature. While it is also a given that there are times when kids can be annoying too, it is also true that no one could resist a kid’s infectious smile that lights up the faces of everyone around them. But, did you know that kids can be competitive in a completely adorable way too?

Just like this kid who was featured in a video that has now become viral online. A series of videos along with photos of the still anonymous kid was first uploaded by a Facebook user named Kritsana Thongkaew.

At a first look, one may think that the post only contains the usual documentation of a tug of war game played by students. However, one kid managed to capture the attention of whoever is in charge of taking the videos.

As the Tug of War game is still in progress, the kid who was featured in the video can be seen making a face that resembles someone who is really eager to win and is willing to do anything just to be declared as the winner.

Indeed, one can safely assume that the kid was really trying his best to help his teammates win the game organized by their teacher. Although the video did not declare who won the match, just watching the adorable kid is already an enough stress reliever to anyone who can come across it.

The faces the kid made were found really cute by netizens which caused the post to become viral. As of writing time, the said post already has over 28,000 reactions, 17,000 comments and even 105,000 shares!

See the full video here: