These guys invented an innovative equipment that can easily catch a lot of fishes!

Eating too much pork or meat can be dangerous to one’s health. This is why it is advised for a person to have a balanced diet which should include variations when it comes to the type of food we intake. That includes eating vegetables and seafood which includes fishes.

Fishes really taste good but sometimes, fishermen also have a hard time when it comes to catching a lot of fishes. Well, this group of men might have found the easiest way to catch fishes in just a short time.

In a viral video posted via the Facebook page, Wild Animal World, four men are seen working on an improvised equipment which they use in fishing.

The said one minute and 36 seconds video first started off with the four men tying ropes as finishing touches to their very own invented equipment to catch fishes in just minutes. Amazingly, the equipment is solely made from indigenous materials which includes bamboo and rope.

The equipment is shaped like a funnel – wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The equipment was quite big as a person can easily fit inside it. As the video progressed, the group of me carried their very own equipment into the river.

They placed their invention at a strategic location where fishes are supposedly abundant. To secure the equipment on its place, they put rocks above, below and on its sides.

Then, after ensuring that it will no longer be moved by the current, they left the equipment in the middle of the river. When they came back to check the equipment, it was able to trap a lot of big fishes!

Indeed, their invention is really amazing!

See the full video here: