This simple and tasty recipe will make you instantly hungry

“Food is life” is a common expression of people nowadays. No matter how delicious a certain type of food is, there will still come a time when the tastebuds of a person can already get used to it so it will no longer taste as delicious as it was at first.

This is also one of the reasons why chefs and other people involved in the food industry also strive to create innovations when it comes to food. So that what seems to be a common food with common ingredients used can look new and inviting to the eyes.

Just like in this innovative way of preparing the usual loaf bread and egg combination.

All that is needed for this recipe are the common ingredients we often use when cooling eggs. That includes bell pepper, onions, ham, cheese plus the loaf bread and of course, eggs.

First, start off by cutting the ingredients into tiny pieces.

As for the loaf, it should be cut so that only its edges remain. The egg should be scrambled and seasoned beforehand.

Next, sauté the ingredients into the pan. Make sure that they are grouped into square sizes just about a little smaller than the size of the cut out part of the loaf. When it is cooked, the loaf can now be placed.

Afterwards, the scrambled eggs and cheese will be added to the mixture and the previously cut off part of the loaf shall be re-installed.

Wow! who would have thought that these ingredients commonly found at home can be turned into this mouth-watering dish?

See the full tutorial video and try one for yourself now!