These kids boil eggs in primitive way without actually using water

We can’t deny the fact that these days, there are people who rely on electric powered devices to get the household chores done in just a short time. Although these devices are really convenient to use, they also have the downside of higher electrical consumption and also the inevitable damage to our environment.

This is why there are environmentalist groups who encourage the use of renewable resources on a daily basis. Well, these kids might have found the perfect alternative to using gas stove or electric devices when cooking!

In a video uploaded by the Youtube channel, AroundMeBD, a group of children was first seen walking together in a grassland area. At a glance, one may think the the group was off to play together somewhere but, these children have a completely different plan!

They suddenly stopped walking and a boy wearing an orange shirt started to dig a part of the soil so that there can be an elevated part.

He then made a loophole which connects the upper part of the elevated soil to one side which they will use as a means for fire to travel.

The kids then collected firewood available in the area. They used the pieces of wood to create fire and amazingly, their stove was working really well.

Moments later, they even put eggs on the upper part of their very own stove. For the eggs to be fully cooked, they put leaves above it and secured the eggs by spreading mud which looked like cement above the leaves.

They even put holes on the upper part so that the smoke from below could pass freely.

Voila! The eggs are now fully cooked and is ready to eat!

See their full amazing and creative video here: