This house in Iloilo, Philippines is almost entirely invaded by this “mysterious” ant hill

Filipino history and culture has a rich belief which includes the existence of “Engkanto” (Mythical Creatures), “Diwata” (Fairy),and even the “Nuno sa Punso” (Dwarf). Many stories about the existence of these creature have been passed on from one generation to another just by word of mouth.

There are also certain practices and beliefs which highlight the importance of respecting the existence of these creatures even though they cannot be easily seen by the naked eyes.

In the case of this family from Ilo-ilo, what they have inside their home is something that one could not eve imagine to be located inside a home.

What they have is an anthill – and not just a pea-sized anthill but one that expands to up to 6 feet in height and spreads to over 5 meters in length. The whole soil formation took up almost half of the family’s kitchen.

According to a feature report by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, the head of the household named ‘Baby’ has experienced quite a lot of mysterious ‘blessings’ and happenings in their life which her family believes to have been done through the help of the anthill – or to be more specific, the mythical creatures that reside inside the anthill.

As their way of expressing their gratitude for all the blessings, the family even built an altar near the soil formation and even offers various types of food every first Friday of the month. This practice have become part of their tradition.

Meanwhile, as the news about the mysterious anthill spread in their locality, a representative from the agriculture department named Ryan Rasgo has decided to examine the soil formation. Later, he found out that what was living inside the soil formation were not dwarfs or mythical creatures but Termites!

The Agriculture officer offered an alternative for the family to get rid of the termites, they can either destroy the formation or just leave their house behind so that the formation can still continue to exist. However, after a thorough discussion, they concluded with the decision that they should keep the soil formation intact. The family explained that it was all out of respect for the unseen creatures and also their gesture of thanksgiving for all those years of providence.

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