This guy’s portable shower hack is just brilliant!

Nowadays, it seems that the weather condition has become more unstable. When it rains, the sudden cold feeling just seeps in under the skin. When the sun is brightly shining, it can’t be denied that the heat it emits is sometimes unbearably painful when it comes in contact with the skin.

As people find it quite hard to adjust to extremely hot conditions, there has been various types of equipment that are readily available inside our homes just like the electric fan or the air conditioner. Despite these, nothing can still compare to the refreshing feeling one may feel after spending a few minutes under the shower.

Well, this rather unique invention of this viral guy might be the ‘perfect’ solution to the unbearable heat of the sun.

In a video shared via the Facebook page, VT, a man can be see standing on a roadside. The man was only wearing a sando shirt which was tied around his tummy. What’s more peculiar about his appearance is the ‘overhead shower’ which he carries around.

As the video went on, it can be see that the man was manually spraying water on himself by mechanically controlling his very own portable shower. He does so by moving a lever up and down.

The bystanders who were also caught in the video seemed surprised to witness something bizarre right before their eyes. They obviously can’t hide both their amazement and their smiles. Others just can’t help but stare.

So, what do you think about this invention? Are you also willing to own one?

See the full video here: