Beware! Plucking hair from inside your nose can be extremely dangerous!

For some, having ‘hair’ in certain parts of the body can be really annoying. For these people, it’s as if having such hair is already considered unhygienic and unpleasant in their eyes.

This is why there are people who take time and spend money on waxing services so that these annoying hair can be removed from their body in a safe manner. There are also others who take this matter just by their own hands and try to find ‘alternative’ ways of doing so – which oftentimes includes manually plucking these hair.

However, are you aware that plucking hair in certain parts of the body can be extremely dangerous?

To be specific, plucking hair from inside your nose is simply a big NO! It can even lead to your sudden loss of life.

Here’s why:

Our face has an area called “The triangle of death.” This area contains many arterial and venous vessels. This vulnerable area starts from the bridge of the nose and finishes at the mouth corners.

By plucking even just one hair from your nose, you can get a damaged vessel and the follicle becomes vulnerable and susceptible to deadly dangerous microbes.

Also, nose hairs are filters for smells and dust.

If you have injured your nose, better visit the doctor as soon as possible!

After all, it is still better for one to discover unpleasant things happening inside our bodies at an early time so that proper medication can be done and thus, avoid further damage.

The trend for removing hair can be deadly:

Posted by Bright Side on Wednesday, 11 July 2018