Video of Dionisia Pacquiao’s during son’s fight against Matthysse goes viral

Manny Pacquiao, the famous international boxer was given the title of “the fighting pride of the Philippines”. His numerous achievements all throughout his boxing career enabled him to earn such title and also the respect, support and love from the Fiipino people.

In the midst of Manny’s fame, his family affairs has not been a secret to the media. That includes the activities of his beloved mother Dionisia Pacquiao.

From her luxury bags and clothes, to her hobbies and even when it comes to her lovelife, Dionisia has constantly captured the attention of the media in the Philippine setting.

Now, she again becomes an instant trending topic online because of a viral video.

The said video uploaded by a Facebook user named Mustapha Alauya, was taken during the live match of Manny Pacquiao against Lucas Matthysse. The video goes with the hilarious caption which says: “Lakas ng Chakra ni Mommy D!” (Mommy D’s chakra seems really strong!)

The 2 minutes and 15 seconds clip shows Mommy D’s rather awkward reactions to the happenings on the ring. She was seen bowing several times while blowing through what seemed like a wallet-sized photo along with a rosary.

Moments later, Mommy D was seen shouting and cheering for his son as the fight continues. She even tried to imitate the action of throwing a punch!

On the later part of the video, as the crowd started to shout Manny’s name, Mommy D got down on her knees just a few inches away from the ring!

It seems that these efforts by Mommy D were really effective as the fight ended well with Manny managing to win via knockout. His first knockout win in a span of 9 years.

See the full video here: