This once poor boy proves that “simple act of caring creates an endless ripple”

Being kind does not require a certain age or race. People who are naturally kind in their own way always exhibits kindness to the people around them both in small and big gestures. While others may consider their act of kindness as just a simple passive gesture, it may be different in the view of the other person who is at the receiving end.

Just like in the short but entirely meaningful story about how kindness is spread from one generation to another.

In the said viral video posted by the Facebook page, VT, two kids together with their grandmother was seen inside a grocery store. They were picking up groceries and the young girl wanted to buy a cake. However, when it was time for them to pay for the things they got, it turned out that they do not have enough money to pay for the cake.

The grandmother sadly told the cashier the they will no longer take the cake. However, she was unaware that the young man who was lining up behind her felt pity towards the family and decided to buy the cake.

The man then ran outside the store to catch up with the unfortunate folks. At first, the grandmother refused to take the cake being offered by the young man. So, the man told her the story of how he was unable to afford a cake when he was still young and a man who happens to be passing by gladly bought the cake and gave it to him.

Later on, the grandma accepted the cake but asked that the man should give her his address so she could pay him when the time comes.

When the family went home, the kids immediately gave the cake to their grandfather as their gift for his birthday along with the note given by the man.

When the grandfather read the message, he was reminded of what he has done in the past. It turns out that the grandfather was the one who gave a cake to the anonymous man when he was still a young boy.

Indeed, “A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.”

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