Student breaks everyone’s hearts with her simple yet powerful excuse letter for missing her class

No matter how dedicated a student is to studying, there will really be times when one has no choice but to be absent because of unavoidable reasons.

Nevertheless, persistent students who have a certain goal to achieve always see to it that they make up for their absence and continue to do their best in every subject.

In the case of this anonymous student, a heartfelt excuse letter he or she submitted to the teacher melted many hearts on social media.

In a post by Facebook user, Christian Jay Padilla Ordoña (the advisory teacher of the said student), he shared that as an adviser, he sees to it that he monitors the attendance of his students every morning.

One afternoon, a student approached Jay informing him that he was unable to attend the morning schedule and as the student was quite shy, he only gave a letter to Jay. The teacher did not expect what the contents of the letter was.

The letter explains why he was unable to attend the morning classes. In the letter, the student stated that he was unable to attend his morning class because he does not have money and that his mother only obtained money later in the morning which enabled him to come to school in the afternoon.

Usually kapag adviser ka first period mo ang advisory class kaya namomonitor mo ang attendance nila. Kung sino ang hindi…

Posted by Christian Jay Padilla Ordoña on Monday, 9 July 2018

Many netizens were touched by his honesty and his obvious perseverance to study hard despite being poor. This student should serve as an example to everyone that there is nothing impossible if one is driven to fulfill their goals.