These guys built their own stylish swimming pool with running water

Sure, building something that you dream of requires not just effort but also money. After all, nothing is considered free these days. However, these resourceful men have managed to create their own backyard swimming pool with just their own hands and indigenous materials.

They started their project by creating a line in which the house and the pool will be built. They then started to dig inside the lined areas.

After being satisfied with the depth of the hole they created, they started to pour cement on the floor area and spread it all over the walls of the pool.This deed is done solely just by hands without any equipment involved. Soon, the two were able to cover the whole pool with cement.

It took a whole day for them to finish doing so as it was really dark when they left the location of the pool.

The next day, they started putting color to designated areas. Surprisingly, they used no paint at all. All they used were crushed leaves and flowers! Who would have thought that such thing can be possible?

If that isn’t creative enough, here goes another genius feat. As there is no direct source of water to be supplied to the pool, the two men created one of their own. As there was a nearby flowing water source in the area, they put up pieces of bamboo that connects the water source to the pool. Genius, right?

With that, the pool now has its unlimited source of flowing water.

Next, the two the put up a small bridge made of bamboo which can be used to walk over from the ground to the elevated center of the pool.

Now, all they need is for the pool to fill up with water so that they can enjoy their very own masterpiece of a swimming pool.

See their full video here:

BuildIng Swimming Pool Around an Underground House.


Posted by Viral TRND on Tuesday, 10 July 2018