Mom short of finances decided to open 8-year-old son’s piggy bank and found this note inside

To be thrifty sounds really good but we have to face the fact that saving money is never easy. As there are many things that you simply can’t resist buying plus the mandatory monthly fees that are simply unavoidable.

So, it is always admirable that there are still people who are able to spare even just a few cash and consider it their savings. Much more if that person is still a kid.

In a post by the Peso Sense Savers Group on Facebook, a mom tearfully shared her touching experience upon opening the savings of her 8-year-old son.

The savings was kept in a small container and although the cash contents of the container was not really a big amount of money, the mom was really touched when she saw that there was a note included in the container.

The note says: “For my Family.” Though it may seem as nothing out of the blue but considering that he is just an 8-year-old kid, his thoughtfulness and love for his family is really beyond compare.

It was really touching that the kid did not even think of spending his savings on himself or just be selfish and not care about his family all, rather, he innocently collected all those small amounts and intended to save it for their family.

He may still be a small kid but it was already evident that his parents raised him well for him to sacrifice even the amount he saved up for the welfare of his family.