Samsung’s new “Galaxy Oxygen” smartphone looks badass!

The advancement in technology is truly nonstop these days. Almost every day, a new phone, tablet, or laptop model is launched by leading companies in order to keep up with the trend and at the same time retain their place in the market.

This time, Samsung, one of the leading tech companies has launched its newest phone model. This piece is called the “Samsung Galaxy Oxygen.”

In details, the smartphone features a slide-out display that you witnessed in the old time. Once the screen goes to the side, you will have a full QWERTY keyboard underneath, which reminds some of you of the old Motorola Sidekick phone. When the display is in place, the device resembles the Galaxy S7 Edge with the under screen fingerprint scanner.

Interestingly, the Samsung phone envisioned two display stacked once beneath the other. As a result, the QWERTY keyboard that you see underneath the top display is shown on screen, not a physical keyboard. Besides, a curved Super AMOLED display is included on top with an LED notification light. For the Samsung Galaxy O Oxygen camera, there are three sensors placed on the rear panel with 20MP+13MP+5MP.

Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy Oxygen specs include a removable 5,000mAh battery and two options between Black and Silver. Whereas, Samsung phone works on a 5.7-inch screen with the resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

For now, we cannot tell further details on Samsung phone availability and price, but it is safe to say that we will see it soon early 2019. Besides, Samsung Galaxy O Oxygen price starts from $680.

Samsung Galaxy O Oxygen

Samsung Galaxy O Oxygen arrives with a sliding screen, QWERTY keyboard!Click here ->>> for more details.

Posted by Price Pony on Tuesday, 10 July 2018

What do you think about the new design of Samsung phone? Will you buy a smartphone model as this one?