Man gets instant karma after urinating on elevator panel

They say Karma is inevitable. So, it is a must for everyone to think twice first before doing something that may potentially harm others. One should be able to weigh things first before deciding on a specific action.

In this certain viral video, it seems that this man no longer had the time to think about what might happen next, he just went on doing what he thinks is just a simple prank.

In the video that is now making rounds online, a man wearing a black jacket was seen inside an elevator. Moments later, the man opened his pants and decided to urinate inside the elevator. He even made it a point where his urine should wash off the buttons on the elevator. He tried to reach as high as he could.

He did not foresee what is about to happen next.

When it was time for him to get off, the elevator suddenly malfunctioned! It failed to open its door as there might have been an issue in its system after the buttons used to operate it became wet.

Surely, it was karma for the careless man. His actions instantly resulted in something he never expected.

The video did not give further details as to how long it took for the staff to repair the elevator and how long did the man stayed inside the lift.

What we know for sure is that the man sure did learn a lesson in a regretful and embarrassing way.

See the full video here: