Here’s the purpose of that little pocket on your panties

Fashion changes just like how fast it is for technology to change. While there are also various fashion trends readily available for me, it is still the ladies who take their time in trying to pick out clothes depending on various considerations.

While most ladies already consider themselves as experts in their own fashion sense, there are still a few ‘common’ clothing details that still remain a mystery to almost everyone.

Just like that so-called ‘pocket’ inside the panties of women. As a woman, have you ever wondered what its real purpose is?

Well, allow us to give you an explanation.

First, it is important to know that the skin on the private part of women is the most sensitive part of the body. It is prone to irritation and damage, even just the use of soap can cause dryness and irritation which is why extra care and caution are needed down there.

Second, underwear can be made from various materials. It is advisable for one to choose naturally-made specifically those made from either silk or cotton.


Despite these, there are still cases where irritation may occur even if panties are already made from natural materials. This is when that little secret pocket inside the panties comes into the picture.

The little pocket is made for protection. To protect the sensitive skin of the private part from damage and irritation. Although it looks like a pocket, it isn’t really one. It is just an inner layer of soft and natural fabric made for ladies’ comfort and protection.

So, now you know what the purpose of that little pocket really is. The next time you buy a pair of undies, a better lookout for that pocket part to make sure you get all the comfort you need.