Courier clerk knocks off child and immediately left as if nothing happened

Children are considered precious whenever and wherever they may go. This is because they are still unable to independently take care of themselves just like adults could.

As they are still unable to do things on their own, they are in constant need of guidance from the people around them. But can you imagine how these children might feel if people around them starts to act like being rude is completely normal?

Just like in this viral video that is now earning criticisms online.

In the short clip taken via a CCTV camera, two children along with three woman can be seen going back and fort inside a store which sells clothes,bags and other RTWs. As the store was located in a crowded area, there are also many passers-by which were caught by the camera.

However, one person that somehow became controversial through the video is a girl wearing the uniform of a famous courier service center. The still anonymous girl became a hot topic online after (as seen in the video), she bumped into one of the kids. Because of the impact, the kid was unable to stand up immediately.

To everyone’s shock, to the girl, it seemed as though nothing happened. After the incident, she just went on her way without even helping the child up, saying sorry or even checking if the kid was okay.

Moments later, as the videos continued on, the kid can be seen crying maybe out of trauma from what she experienced. Her mom and dad tried to comfort her but even to them, it still took too long for the poor child to come back to her senses.

It is still fortunate that no serious injury was recorded on the child as her head hit the floor during her collision with the courier clerk.

Well, what do you think about this issue?

See the full video here: