This machine literally eats trees in just seconds!

Over the years, there has been many inventions that are made in order to make people’s lives easier. These machines are intended to lessen the time it takes for a person to complete a task and there are others which are made to perform tasks which cannot be performed by human beings on a large scale.

While there are certain machines that are now widely used anywhere in the world, there are still continuous efforts from manufacturing companies to create new ones that will greatly impact the labor force.

Just like this certain machine which is used to cut down trees in just seconds! This machine is called the excavator mulcher.

This equipment can eat trees from the top down or topple trees and swallow sideways. It can also prune, mulch, make thickets disappear in no time. It can carve ski trails, do road repair, help landscapers, speed up construction. Plus, it gets the job done crazy fast!

That’s its best feature. This equipment is so much faster than the moss that gathers on dying trees, than the woodpeckers, owls and chickadees that sculpt homes in old tree stumps. These high-performance brush cutters are built for busy humans.

Whoa! This is really a huge innovation when it comes to advancement in the manual cutting down of trees which is still practiced in most countries.

While cutting down of trees still remains an issue all over the world, it should be a reminder for everyone to use machines only in the way it is intended to. After all, this machine may be a big one but it is still dependent on how people use it.

See a sample video of the tree-eating machine here courtesy of In The Know: