Girl who owns 700 sq.ft luxurious closet guarded it fingerprint scanner

For girls, it is a must to be able to organize your clothes in a nice way. However, most fail to do so because acquiring a huge space for your closet alone is a big no especially for economical reasons.

But, this Singaporean socialite named Jamie Chua simply refuses to just go with the norm. Instead, she even created her very own fingerprint-protected closet!

In a viral video posted by the Facebook page, Bonkers Closet, they managed to get an exclusive tour of Jamie Chua’s jaw-dropping finger-print protected closet.

According to the page, the area of the closet is measured at 700-square-foot closet. When it comes to the contents of the huge closet, you better be prepared to be amazed.

It contains over 200 different kinds of Hermes bags, thousands of pieces of jewelry along with 300 pairs of shoes and lots and lots of dresses.

In Bonkers Closet’s interview with Jamie, she revealed that it was herself who designed the closet. Her main goal for designing it is because she wants her clothes to be framed up – which explains why the storage of clothes is covered by a transparent glass.

There are a total of 10 doors that each lead to different types of clothing.

When it comes to shoes, it was revealed that the average cost per pair of Jamie’s shoe collection is about $1,500.

When we talk about her collection of Hermes bags, apparently, the cost of one ranges from $8,000 to $300,000. So can you imagine how much all those 200 pieces may cost?

See the full video of the closet tour below: