109-year-old woman reveals her that secret to long life is avoiding men

It is a given fact that no one stays forever in this world. Each of us is bound to leave on our destined time. But everyone still looks forward to staying in this world for the longest possible time and become a living witness to the rapid changes happening everywhere.

Now aged 109-years-old, Jessie Gallan is officially declared as the oldest woman in Scotland. Recently, she shared her secret for her long-lasting life and it is quite simple and funny at the same time.

She says that if a person wants to live a long life, they should start eating porridge for breakfast every single day and the most important thing is to start avoiding men!

Gallan claims that the secret she has all these years is to hide from men or to be more specific, it should be hiding away from men.

In Gallan’s interview with Curious Mind Magazine, she explains that to her, men are just more trouble than their worth.

The oldest Scottish woman is proud to be an independent woman all her life. She also confessed that she has worked hard since she was a teenager as she left her home when she was just 13 and thus forced herself to earn a living. Because she was too preoccupied with working hard, she never married anyone.

Gallan also revealed that she often gets a holiday for herself as she is really dedicated to her job.

Indeed, it is truly a milestone for someone to even reach a century of living! Unfortunately, Gallan recently passed away after her interview on being named the eldest woman in Scotland.

See the full video of her interview here: