Brave women pull out a huge python off a hole

Snakes, if not the scariest is probably one of the most feared reptile specie that ever existed in this world. For some, even just the mere sight of a snake is enough to give them chills and immediately run for their lives.

However, there are also people who seem to have no fear of snakes at all. Some even choose snakes as their pets.

Just like the girls featured in this viral video online. In the said one minute and 40 seconds clip, three girls can be seen in a grassland area. They are trying to ‘pull’ a big snake out of a hole in the ground.

At first, the three had quite a hard time trying to pull the snake because of its size and at the same time because of the animal’s resistance.

As the girls were very persistent with their goal, just moments later, they were finally able to pull the snake out of the hole where it was hiding. As soon as the whole body of the snake was out on the ground, the girls screamed but still continued to get a hold of the snake’s body by holding on to its tail.

When the snake curled up its body, one of the girls threw a paper over the reptile and they were finally able to hold the reptile’s head.

Then, the three tried to put the snake over their heads.

Many netizens were intrigued as to where did the girls get their courage to be able to pull off such a dangerous act against a venomous snake.

How about you? Do you think you can also do the same thing as they did?

See the full video here: