7 ingenious life hacks that will make you laugh out loud

Every once in a while, its good to make changes to the seemingly repeated routines we do and things we can find inside the four walls of our homes. After all, change is the only constant thing in our world nowadays. But, these viral photos may have set a whole new level of standard when it comes to making things ‘better’ at home.

Here it goes:

When you can’t afford a brand new flat screen TV, why not create your own? This photo shows a conventional TV being turned into a flat screen one after it was cemented right through the wall.

When you don’t own a shower, you can certainly create one for yourself! All you need is an empty plastic container of either soft drinks or water. Just like in the photo below:

Wanna feel like a royalty anytime? Well, that’s easy, you can simply decorate your bathroom in any way you want to. This photo may be a great suggestion for your royal kind of toilet:

Broken wall clock? You won’t need to immediately buy one to replace it. Here is a genius life hack that will keep you wall clock working. Simply write numbers on a piece of paper and paste it on the broken parts of the clock.

Wrecked sofa? Well, we definitely have a solution for that. You can simply put a new piece of chair right inside your old sofa. It may look odd but still serves its purpose.

While other may spend too much money in making sure everything inside their cars are working – especially the locks, here goes another peculiar trick. When the lock on the doors of the car are malfunctioning, you can simply install your own lock.

Ofcourse it is really expensive to order for a replacement side mirror for your car, so this may be a cheap trick that works for you.

So, does any of the suggestions manage to fit to your current dilemma?