Adorable baby mistaken himself as a different kid in the mirror

A mirror is probably one of the most necessary “must have” things for people who are always conscious of their looks. It enables them to check their appearance from time to time to make sure they look pleasing o everyone around them.

In malls, mirrors are often present anywhere so shoppers could easily check out if the clothes they like look good on them without the hassle of lining up and going in and out of the fitting room.

This time however, a rather hilarious but cute feat was caught on cam by a shopper inside a mall.

The video we are talking about features a kid who was just playing around when he noticed the mirror. Out of curiosity, he went closer to it.

At first, the kid was shocked to see that the person on the order side looks just like him that he even tried to check out if another person was hiding behind the mirror. It looked both hilarious and cute at the same time.

When he saw that there was none, he just decided to have fun by himself simply by pretending to hide himself and ‘surprise’ his own reflection.

The said video managed to capture the attention of netizens as they find it hilarious too which resulted to the video being a viral hit within just days after it was first posted.

We couldn’t agree more that the kid in the video is just too cute that even the mistake he did looked adorable.

See the full video here: