14-year-old girl wows netizens with her stunning looks!

While scrolling through social media, it can’t be denied that we may come across a photo of a gorgeous girl which will immediately pique our curiosities that results to a little ‘stalking’ to get to know more about the subject of the photo.

This is why it is no longer a surprise that various gorgeous ladies from around the world have managed to catch the attention of netizens causing their photos to go viral online and their identities to be revealed to the world which gives them the instant celebrity status.

Just like in the case of this girl who now has left netizens hanging and wanting to know her true identity.

According to a post shared via the Facebook page, JKF 紅燈區2.0 the stunning girl in the photos uploaded was a 14-year-old native of Ukraine. The said Facebook page did not disclose any more details regarding the girl which is why netizens are now getting more curious.

Well, after a little digging, we were able to find out tidbits of information about the viral girl. (Thank us later!)

Her name is Eva Gross. She maintains a personal Instagram account with the username @eva.grosssss. It’s no longer a surprise that she has quite a lot of people who follow her account. To be exact, that includes 31,200 people as of writing time.

We bet, that number is about to increase in the coming days. So, better click that follow button right away to get more updates on Eva’s activities.

Here’s a bonus video of Eva just plainly being herself while posing for photos: