These guys catch an enormous catfish by “electric fishing”

Throughout the years, people somehow managed to create their own techniques to make life easier. There are certain inventions like computers and cellphones that paved the way for more convenient living for everyone.

There are also inventions that are quite clever and at the same time very practical just like this technique used by fishermen to catch fishes without much effort.

In a viral video taken in Vietnam and posted by the Youtube channel, Fishing Videos, it was shown how a rather unique way of catching fishes can be really effective!

The so-called “Electric Fishing” is a fishing technique popular used by fishermen in the remote areas of Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.

In the one-minute clip, a man can be seen holding two long wooden sticks. One of wooden stick’s edge features a rod which was colored in black and white combination, the rod is used to electrify fishes. Another one of the wooden stick’s edge exhibits a circular net which is used to get a hold of the electrified fish.

As the video progresses, the guy holding the two wooden sticks dips the equipment in the water. Moments later, a fish was already caught by the net! That cycle went on and on until the guys got really lucky and were able to electrify a huge fish!


It was really unbelievable that such a big catch is possible as the area they were fishing it is only a small pond!

Indeed, their clever and practical technique in fishing is really useful in their own way.

See the full video here: