Guys that created DIY pool added beautiful landscape to make it more badass

In this hot season, who wouldn’t want to have their own swimming pool in their backyard? One that will enable you to swim anytime you want and enjoy the refreshing water.

These guys recently made a name for themselves after a video of them making their own swimming pool from scratch and just using improvised tools to achieve their goal went viral online.

Many were inspired by their unique idea of creating a pool of their own and just using materials that are readily available anywhere.

Now, here goes another addition to their viral swimming pool out of scratch video. This time, the guys have decided to create and improvised fence so they can enjoy their private time in their very own backyard pool.

The bricks they will be using to build the fence also went through the same process they did as with the bricks used on the walls of the pool. The process includes using mud as an alternative for cement, mixing it with cement and letting the combination dry using fire.

The bricks were first positioned outside the edges of the pool. A wet mixture of the improvised cement was used to put pieces of bricks together just like how cement is used on hollow blocks.

Soon, the whole area was already covered with the bricks.

Then, the two men started to gather pieces of bamboo wood from the forest. These will be used as the fence of the pool. They started by lining up the wood in a vertical way.

They then tied longer bamboos in a horizontal way which will now serve as the frame of the fence.

Then, grass is added to the remaining pool area which was not covered by the bricks.

Tadaaaa! the swimming pool now looks bigger and swimmers can now have a place to rest before jumping into the water.

See the full video here: