Taxi driver went to his passenger’s house early in the morning to return her missing 5,000 pesos

Honesty is a virtue that is a must for everyone to practice on a daily basis. A simple act of honesty can already make a big ripple that speaks for the true values of a person.

We may hate to admit it but nowadays, there are some people who just decide to turn a blind eye on things just to gain an advantage for themselves. But, in the case of this taxi driver, he just proved that despite the popular negative belief we all have in our society, still, there are genuinely good people everywhere.

In a viral Facebook post by MC Bilds, he recalls that his cousin went home already late one night and she rode a taxi on her way home. When she was already inside the house, she noticed that her PHP 5,000 is missing. She has no clue where the money went as she was sure that she kept it inside her pocket.

So, in their effort to try and find the money, MC along with his other family members tried to search inside their house and the area near their residence but it was of no avail. They were already hopeless and just somehow accepted that they could no longer retrieve the lost money.

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Hours passed, at around 1:30 AM, a person was trying to knock on their door. To their surprise, it was the driver of the taxi his cousin rode. The driver, who was later identified as Bong Gabriel went all the way back to where he accompanied his passenger to return the cash he found inside his taxi.

Many netizens find Bong’s act really heartwarming that the comments section of the post was flooded with praises for the honesty of the taxi driver.

Indeed, what may be seen as a small act of honesty can really make the a big difference.