Watch how a massive earthquake looks under the sea!

Natural disasters are becoming a more frequent occurrence nowadays. Experts claim that these natural calamities occur because the Earth we live in is slowly depleting and people are still continuously contributing to these worsening situation.

While it is a given fact that all natural disasters are dangerous in nature, one kind that stands out among others is the Earthquake. The unpredictability of an earthquake even adds up to its being threatening to people.

Throughout the years, numerous Earthquake cases have been recorded which caused the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

But, have you ever wondered what happens underneath the sea when an Earthquake is occuring?

This viral video shows what really happens with the creatures in the depths of the ocean when an earthquake is occurring on the surface.

The video shows that even deep under, one can still feel the shaking of the earth. The video was recorded by diver Jan Paul Rodriguez and shows a calm seabed in the beginning, but as a 5.9 magnitude earthquake strikes, we can see the sea floor moving and the water turning cloudy because of the sand that rose up because of the quake.

Even the corals which seem to be glued to the core of the sea moved in changing directions because of the disturbance. The fishes also have a hard time swimming in one direction because the current shifts from one direction to the other.

Indeed, all kinds of natural disasters are equally dangerous. What one needs to remember is that in trying times when a disaster occurs, we should not lose faith and continue to hope for better days.

See the full video here: