Birthday boy gets a hilarious surprise from his friends

Friends are the extension of our family outside the four walls of our home. They are the ones who are always on our side through ups and downs. When we talk about ups and downs, that also includes yearly celebrations just like our birthdays. Surprises are normal during birthday celebrations but this one just took it a notch higher.

We are talking about this viral video of a group of friends celebrating the birthday of one of their colleagues.

At first, the video only recorded a guy wearing a polo shirt and shorts. Later, it turns out that he is the birthday boy. In the video, he obviously had no idea about what was about to appear before him as his friends kept it a secret so that he will be surprised on his special day.

Moments later, a car emerged from the dark side of the street. The funny thing is that it was a funeral car plus it also bears a tarpaulin containing an edited photo of the birthday boy wearing barong along with the message “Happy Birthday” and “We will miss you.”

Upon seeing the unique surprise his friends prepared, the birthday boy failed to contain both his laughter and his curse words which is really an accurate depiction of ‘mixed emotions.’

Netizens find the video really hilarious that it now has 1.4 million views and is still continuously shared through social media.

Well, if you were in the shoes of the birthday boy, how will you react to this kind of surprise?

See the full video here: