22-year-old virgin gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl

As we have learned through religion, there is such a thing as Immaculate Conception. That is what was experienced by Mary after she became pregnant without sleeping with anyone.

But, is it possible that such a thing can happen in the modern times?

Apparently, Yes. As that is exactly what happened to an anonymous girl who claims that she never had intercourse with anyone all throughout her lifetime but she conceived a child and was able to give birth.

Photo Credits: RMN

In a report by RMN Pagadian, a 22 year old girl felt both anxious and confused when she learned that she is carrying a baby inside her womb.

During RMN’s interview with the anonymous girl from Zamboange Del Sur, she claims that she got really intrigued when her monthly period failed to come for several months.¬†She also started to have an unexplainable craving for various types of food.

So, she decided to seek the help of a doctor to enlighten her on her situation but she was left dumbfounded when she learned that she is in fact, pregnant. This is because she never slept with anyone.

She remained firm in her claim that she never truly had any intercourse with anyone although she admitted that she has a boyfriend.

After 9 long months of enduring her situation, she finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. However, had a hard time during the girl’s labor because her ovaries does not have an opening.

Furthermore, in RMN’s interview with the girl, she revealed that during the course of her pregnancy, there has been a man and a woman who visited her several times but she could not make out their faces.

Dalaga nga virgin, nagmabdos ug nanganak Kalipay nga giubanan og kabalaka ang gibati sa usa 22 anyos nga dalaga dihang…

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