Family lost their little child because of jellyfish

There are many types of animals that exist not just on land but also in the ocean. As there are many which are considered harmless to people, there are also certain species which can pose serious harm to human beings. There are even cases where just a single touch from a poisonous sea creature can already result to the loss of life of a human being.

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Just like in the unfortunate case of this netizen named who decided to share her experience on social media so that other people may also become aware of the risks of coming across a jellyfish.

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In as much as these creatures look really stunnning and pleasing to the eyes but, if you still want to live a longer life, it is better to stay away from them.

Acoording to a Facebook post by Rosemae Tomilloso Alegre, her nephew was an unlucky victim of a jellyfish.

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The incident happened during a beach outing day of their family. They were unaware that the beach they went to has a huge population of jellyfishes.

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Then, things turned out in the most unexpected way and her nephew’s life was taken away by the poison emitted by the jellyfish.

Furthermore, she also shared that when they went back to the said beach after her nephew’s burial, they were still able to see sightings of jellyfish in the area.

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Through her post, she pleaded with the management to put up warning signs about the existence of jelly fishes so that everyone will be aware and that they could watch their surroundings so a similar incident to that of the poor child would no longer happen in the future.