These guys made a homemade swimming pool literally from scratch

The weather all over the world is changing due to global warming. The heat of the sun is no longer as tolerable than it was before. In fact, it is no longer advised to stay under the scorching heat for a long time as it might result to a heat stroke.

Because of this situation, people also try to find ways to keep themselves properly ventilated. Some resort to using electronic devices like fans or air-conditioned units but these men had a very different idea in mind. That is – to build their own swimming pool!

In a Youtube video that recently made rounds online, two men can be seen scurrying outside a small underground house.

Moments later, they can be see digging a hole that is shaped like a rectangle inside and around the underground house.

Then, one of them went to a nearby pond to get mud which will serve as their improvised cement for their pool to have a ‘solid’ foundation.

The improvised cement was mixed with sand and was dried by using heat from a fire.

After they are completely dried, they can now be used as blocks on the sides and on the floor of the swimming pool.

Then, pieces of wood were put together to serve as a bridge which people can walk on from outside the improvised swimming pool to the underground house.

Next, grass will be put on the parts of the pool where sand is still present.

Lastly, its now time to put water on their very own homemade pool!

Tadaaa! You can now enjoy the refreshing kind of bath in a swimming pool anytime you want to!

Isn’t this a really genius idea?

See the full pool-making video below: