So this is how the cast of “Ang Probinsyano” spend their free time

“Ang Probinsyano” still remains as one of the most watched shows on TV even though it has already stretched its duration for more than 3 years now.

Its stellar cast who are really good when it comes to their acting skills managed to capture the hearts of Filipinos in their own way which is why everyone is still hooked to the show no matter how long its been airing.

As part of its storyline, many parts of the cast have somehow said goodbye to the show and there are also other who continuously add up to the “Ang Probinsyano” family. In fact, they now have a variety of cast members from old to young and even comedians who were discovered through reality shows.

Its no longer a surprise to know that the cast also have their own way of entertaining themselves as their way of bonding with each other during breaks from filming.

One way that they found effective in trying to give everyone a good time is singing together or re-enacting moments from famous films in a hilarious way.

A few of their breaktime bondings managed to make rounds online after netizens found their idea very hilarious and shared the videos repeatedly.

Here are sample videos of their breaktime moments:

Indeed, Filipinos are truly fun-loving persons in general. We always manage to find positive things in everything no matter how hard the challenges in life that we may face. After all, optimism is a virtue and holding on to optimism in times of hardship will enable you to see things in a different perspective.