Buffalo gave birth to a human-like baby in Thailand

In rural areas, one common animal that a family owns is a cow. Cows are often being bred in order to sell the milk they produce or their meat. However, a rather bizarre moment occurred in Thailand when a cow reportedly gave birth to a human-looking baby!

It may seem unbelievable but these photos will prove that such thing really happened!

The creature resembles a human, particularly its face. However, its hands, feet, and other parts are more of buffalo but having a human form.

Unluckily, the human-looking cow died at birth. This is probably a case of severe birth defects of the calf and the body can’t take the heavy toll and died after birth or unless something unexplainable happened.

The natives of the village believes that this phenomena will bring them luck which is why every one of them started praying for blessing in front of the dead cow’s body.

In the form of a ritual, the local residents pour baby powder onto the dead body and burnt incense in their belief of cleansing the area of evil and hopeful that it will be reincarnated peacefully.

As of writing time, there is still no concrete explanation as to what really happened to the baby cow who looked like a human being. Some just assumed that the poor animal might have suffered from several prenatal defects inside its mother’s womb.

Nevertheless, it still remains a mystery if the creature has been a product of a scientific experiment or entirely just a product of natural occurrences.