Remember this couple? Look what happens after getting married and made headlines worldwide

A couple recently went viral online after many were intrigued as the two were really different when it comes to their physical features. Back in 2015, Bayu Kumbara and Jennifer Brocklehurst got international recognition when news of an English woman getting married to a native Indonesian made the headlines.

Bayu was Jennifer’s tour guide cum driver while she was on a vacation in Indonesia. Their encounter later blossomed into romance and they later decided to get married.

The spectacle of a fair flame-haired Jennifer marrying the dark-skinned native Bayu had triggered an uproar online, with netizens dubbing the couple as the proverbial ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Their unlikely union had sparked a debate online over the standards of beauty, culture clash and ethnic identity as the union was seen as the Western European culture colliding with traditional Asian values and beliefs.

However, the criticisms of the people around them did not hinder the flaming love between the two. Instead, they proved that nothing can come between their relationship and proved to the world that love wins against all odds.

Olivia sayang abak 💕💕

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And now, it seems that life is just getting better and better for the couple, with the happy duo being blessed with their first child.

Their daughter, Olivia, is now 8 months old and from the pictures, she sure looks like a cute bundle of joy! Here is a photo of their child which can be seen on Jennifer’s Instagram.

In the post above, happiness is really evident on Jennifer’s face as the greatest blessing for her is her beloved child.

Jennifer and Bayu’s love story is another proof that indeed, love transcends even in various races.