Here are 5 pets that killed their owners

While there are people who are really fond of animals, there are also others to dread even just the sight of seemingly ‘harmless’ creatures. However, this may be the reason why there are people who choose to not be in contact with animals – because they can possibly ‘eat’ their owners.

Here are 5 bizarre cases of ‘pet-eating-owner’ that are quite unimaginable but happened in a real-life situation:

1. Ravenous Pugs

Pugs may be ugly when it comes to their physical appearance but they are considered a cute dog considering their size. Despite their seemingly innocent appearance, they can pose real harm to people around them. In Nebraska, two Pugs named Sally and Harry were living in isolation with their owners. However, the 51-year-old man reportedly committed suicide by shooting his head.

As no one was left to care for Harry and Sally, few more days passed then the dogs starved. So, in order to survive, they had no choice but to began snacking on the body of their owner.

2. Python

Well, when we think of snakes, what really comes to mind is those gigantic ones often featured in movies. Maybe this is why there are only a few brave people who decide to adopt a snake as a pet. In 2011, a two-year-old girl from Florida was reportedly ‘killed’ by her family’s illegal pet Python.

Reports also claim that the 8-foot long python escaped from its aquarium and made its way to the child’s room. Meanwhile, the parents were charged with manslaughter and animal abuse after what happened.

3. Travis the Chimpanzee

You’ve probably heard about this story because it made headlines internationally back in 2009. Travis is a famous animal actor that was seen in various movies. Travis was known to be generally friendly as he was raised in a couple’s home for 13 years.

However, despite his friendly image, there was one incident where Travis managed to get out of the house with the car keys in him and attempted to carjack his owners. As the old owners were not able to calm down the chimpanzee, they decided to ask help from the cops. They shot Travis several times before he ran to his cage and eventually died.

4. Humprey the Hippo

A South American farmer named Marius was famous in his locality for having pets that are unusual. He even ventured to have a bizarre kind of pet. That is – a hippopotamus. Maurice and his pet Humprey has a really close relationship that Maurice was even found several times riding Humprey’s back.

However, in November of 2011, it was reported that Marius was out on the land visiting Humprey when he was suddenly attacked by him. He jumped to him and carried Marius underwater until he no longer had motion in his body.

5. Hog Wild

Or for most people, the murderous pigs. Once, a local farmer happened to raise pigs in order to sell their meat but it turned out that the pigs he raised were somehow abnormally large in size. One night, the farmer went out and told his wife that he was going to feed the pigs, hours passed but he never returned.

So, the wife decided to look for him. She was not able to find him so she asked for the help of the police, it was then that they found his glasses and ‘pieces’ of his body inside the pig enclosure.

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